About Us

Vinum Master / PRESTA MAGICIAN is behind a company developing software related to the wine world.
In particular, we develop software Vinum Master (which explain the name of our company) who is a manager for wine cellar management including visual 3D cellar (unique in the world).

Then we have diversified by selling products related to managing wine cellar and wine world in general.

On the disposal of Prestashop, we naturally turned to this solution to sell our products because Prestashop was French, well designed, the code was clear and simple to understand and especially open source.
We then developed our own modules to the needs of our online store.
The next logical step was the creation of site to sell our creation.

But in February 2016, the name of Vinum Master was too absorbed in the world of wine so we decided to change our name and to become PRESTA MAGICIAN with is associated website:

We follow the development of Prestashop since version 1.0 and actively participate in its improvement.
So we know its strengths and weaknesses.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or requests for specific development.