Magic Sliders

Magic Slider is perhaps the most innovative and complete slideshow (slider) editor.
Without any technical knowledge, you can create fantastic slideshows with animated contents with a WAHOO effect on your visitors.

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1) General Slideshow Features
- Put the slideshow where you want on your site.
   Home page, CMS pages, category pages, product pages etc...
- More than 300 transition effects between slides.
   Possibility to modify animations
- Activate/deactivate the slide show with a simple click.
- Creation of multi-language slideshows.
- Responsive slideshow, fixed size, or total width (fullwidth)
- Possibility to not display the slideshow under a defined size.
- Scroll horizontally, vertically or both.
- Display or not, navigation bubbles, arrows and thumbnails of images.
   Various predefined themes.
- Redirection to a link if you click on a slide.
- Import/Export of slideshows.
and much more...
2) Functionalities of animation layers
- Creation of unlimited animation layers.
   Can contain text, html, image, video, audio, SVG.
- User interactions on layers.
   riggering of an action by clicking, mouse on or outside a layer.
- Possibility to add your own css and javascript code.
- Animations on fonts, colors, borders, sizes, positions, rotations, scales, skews, opacity, perspective, transformOrigin etc...
- Text animation by characters, words or lines.
- SVG animations by morphing effect between two SVGs.
- SVG animations by Draw effect. The SVG takes shape before your eyes.
- Add mask from image or from clip path.
- SVG mask
- SVG filters
- CSS filters (blur, brightness, contrast, drop-shadow etc...)
- Blend mode (multiply, screen, overlay etc...)
- Motion path
- Easing functions
- Particles effect
- Animations management on a Timeline with a keytime system
- A complete animations player (slow motion, accelerated, manual playback by moving a time indicator, backward)
and much more...
3) Motion Path Editor
- A very easy to use visual animation path editor to create a path on which a layer can move
4) Easing function editor (speed acceleration/deceleration)
- Predefined easing functions to make your work easier.
- A visual editor of easing functions, easy to use to create your own easing functions.
5) Particles editor
- A particle effect editor with a lot of possibilities.
- User interactions on particles.
We surely forget because the possibilities are impressive and the limit is your imagination.
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